When selecting a Director of Photography there is a lot to consider, so why choose to work with me, what do I bring to the table?

I bring tireless collaborative energy, a true desire to bring the director’s and writer’s vision to the screen. I bring the passion to fight for the integrity of the project, the ability to manage time, to work with Assistant directors, respect the producer’s budget and make my scheduled days. But most importantly, I find joy breathing love, light, and framing into capturing the images that immerse the audience into the story.

Everyday on set I’m willing to share the knowledge of tens of thousands of set hours to make your experience the very best possible. I have worked with some of the best Directors, Cinematographers, Producers, Actors and Crews in the world and with just about every type of gear. This training has given me the ability to understand, delegate, communicate, and lead all aspects of the crew. I respect the process, and set the tone for a very productive, enjoyable and efficient work environment. Through my experience as a camera and Steadicam operator I have been fortunate to work shoulder to shoulder, listen to, and collaborate with countless directors and actors.

I understand how to communicate with all departments regarding prep, rehearsal, blocking, marking, lighting, and equipment.

Lensing countless episodes in the TV world, on features, and commercial projects gives me the important understanding of scene coverage, and the need for speed.

I know that working together will be a rewarding collaborative experience for all of us, one we will want to repeat many times over.

DK is a true collaborator, always looking for an interesting option that we may have not seen, He listens first, to all, then offers an educated and skilled opinion. Every frame he captures looks like a piece of art and he moves his team with speed and efficiency. No diva, ever, he’s a go to DP that earns his rate and then some.

Jim Thalman, Executive Producer

David was an amazing collaborator throughout the entirety of the process-from concept through post. He not only brought incredible vision to the script I wrote, but also made me feel at ease throughout the shooting. I trust him inherently creatively and he has an amazing eye for directing.

Hannah Klein, Writer/Director - Killing Yourself

Extremely producer Friendly, brings amazing talent and vision without jeopardizing budget.

Mike Muldoon, Executive Producer - Obamaland

Having you onset was absolutely essential-from your vision, to your attitude, to the professionalism you brought-you inspired us all.

Noam Tomaschoff, Director - We The People

Working with David is a breath of fresh air. His talent, positive attitude, and work ethic keeps everyone driven and on their feet while managing to inspire them to look forward to tomorrows 16-hour day. David is my right hand man and the most talented DP I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I would not be where I am today without David and for that I am forever indebted.

Jessica Silber, Executive Producer - Killing Yourself, We the People

David has the rare talent of having a great eye while also being one of the most nicest and welcoming people I've had the pleasure to meet and work with. Not only can he clearly turn a vision into a moving picture but, he does it with all his passion for the process. With sometimes little to work with or an abundance of gear, it never changed how he approached his work. He effortlessly adapts to any situation, as this industry can be known to cause. I would gladly recommend David to anyone looking to work with an experienced cinematographer for any size project.

James Newman, Director - Sprawl

Dave has a tremendous ability to bring scenes to life. His eye for detail helped give Sprawl a look and feel beyond expectation.

Cris Belkewitch, Executive Producer - Sprawl

What I truly enjoyed about working with David was the positive energy he brought on to our set, for it translated flawlessly thru his professionalism and his unquestionably compassionate and accurate eye.

Liche Ariza, Executive Producer - West of the City

As our DOP David was absolutely instrumental in ensuring that our series in development was realized at the highest level of aesthetic excellence.

Arian Blanco, Show Creator & Executive Producer - Eternally Grateful

My experience with David Kimelman has been one of the most communicative, and positive endeavors in my film career. His attention to detail, and aesthetic eye has created looks beyond my wildest dreams. I will continue to work with him for many years to come.

Josh Friedman, Producer/Director - Buff Café